#16: Places to See in Your Town

In many countries, town usually refers to areas which are highly populated. And in Singapore, town is commonly known to be Orchard among Singaporeans. I believe most of us know what's there to in town: shopping malls, luxury boutiques, fine dining restaurants, cafes and posh hotels. There isn't anything in particular to see. And in fact in Singapore, there's nothing really really special to see, unless its the places of interests like the zoo, bird park, universal studio etc.

I would like to talk about the 'town' that I've been living in since I was born - Tampines. Tampines is one of the highly populated area in Singapore and I think its kinda over populated, the crowd at the bus interchange and MRT station is insane at any point of the day.

One of the places to visit/see in Tampines would be Temasek Polytechnic. It is a place that everyone should visit at least once for the food! Good and affordable. I have my favorites in almost every school canteen. And even after graduated for a year, I still go back for the food.

Some of my favorites. I guess TP is famous for its western food. Almost every school canteen western food stall is delish and every stall is unique from each other, they have their own signature dishes.

Apart from TP, another place that I love in Tampines is Ikea, Giant Hypermart and a super huge Courts. These 3 'giant malls' are conveniently located side by side. I love to do grocery shopping at the hypermart, its so huge and I can find everything I need and its not as crampy as the normal supermarket. and if not for the Tampines Ikea, guess I will only have the meatballs and chicken wings once in a blue moon. I really love Ikea's food.

And at the heart of Tampines, there are 3 malls. To me, it's like a small scale town. It has almost everything and anything. Just on fast-food joints alone, almost all the fast-food brands are located within these 3 malls.

Craving for Mos Burger's yakiniku rice burger and milk tea, fried chicken fillet from Long John Silver (yeah, I go to ljs for the chicken instead of fish) and subway sandwiches right now.

There are also the popular Lao Ban, 51 tau huey, Awfully Chocolate, KOI and Gong Cha. Not forgetting the 2 cinemas and a mini skatepark. Tampines is really a good place to live in especially at the central, you can find everything and anything. The only downside is that its at the end of Singapore which is further away from other places like town and the universities (most universities are at the west side, travelling to school now is like journey to the west).



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