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I don't visit hair salon much, probably twice on a yearly basis for a cut, and once in every 2 years for colouring. In between, if I need a trim, I'll do it myself and if I have to touch up those ugly black roots, I'll get hair colouring products from Watsons and do the colouring on my own.

And this led to my major hair woe - uneven hair colour.

So last week, I had a session with J&J Hair Identity to fix my uneven hair colour.

The salon was very clean and minimal which gave off a relaxing and comfy vibe.

Greeted and served with warm and friendly hospitality. Kudos to the impeccable service that was provided. All the stylists were attentive and friendly to their customers.

My stylist, Shine, attended to me and checked with me what I would like to do for my hair, so I told him I hope to achieve a light ashy hair colour and my requirements were - no crazy colours, no rainbow looking hair, no yellow / gold hues, and most importantly, to even out my hair colour.

The NATULIQUE colour chart was handed to me and I was certainly spoilt for choices.

Who says natural and organic hair colours mean boring and dull colours? Despite being natural and organic, NATULIQUE has an array of natural to funky colours.

With the key focus on natural ingredients, NATULIQUE hair colours are formulated with natural and organic certified plants and flowers extracts, which gives users long lasting, full coverage, amazing and healthy hair. The colours are derived from 98.02% natural sources which gives off a pleasant smell. It is 100% Ammonia free, 100% Lauryl Sulfate free and 100% Parabens Free. On top of that, it provides grey hair coverage! You can find out more here: http://www.natulique.com/natural-hair-colours/

I got Shine to decide what colours I should go for. So while checking my hair, he pointed out that I have dry scalp and super fine hair, therefore it's not advisable to do extensive bleaching to get the ash tone hair that I wanted.

So he recommended Ice Medium Blonde for highlights to bring out the ashy tone.

And colouring Light Golden Brown for the entire head.

Started off with highlights first, and this was my first time doing highlights first before colouring.

Then colouring the entire head an hour later.

During the colouring process, not only Colour Cream is required, but Activators (Hydrogen Peroxides) and sometimes Bleach and Whiteners are used. At NATULIQUE, the Whiteners and Bleach used are 100% Ammonia Free and Activators that are required to mix with Colour cream are also Ammonia free, it uses Lanolin as one of the ingredients for moisture to the hair.

Therefore no awful stench experienced and my scalp did not hurt or feel warm for the entire period.

After an hour and half.
I was satisfied that the ugly uneven hair colour is gone. I love how glossy and healthy my hair looked after blow drying! And it feels really soft and smooth. But I was quite disappointed that the highlights didn't stand out and my hair looked quite dull. And people around me didn't notice that I got a new hair colour. The result wasn't what I expected.

I thought that the highlights will be more obvious after a few washes, but after a week, my hair still looks the same (sadly). Also for the first few days after the dye, I couldn't comb through my hair using my fingers like how I usually do during shampooing. I was afraid that the dye will be too drying for my hair so I applied more conditioner and serum to moisturise my hair. Fortunately, this only last for 3 days and my hair still feels smooth and silky.

J&J promotes eco-friendly, natural, organic and ammonia-fee products, which care for the environment and protect customers' health while maintaining the beauty of the hair. Not only the hair colouring products, the other hair products are from NATULIQUE as well and NATULIQUE represents excellent products with raw organic ingredients of unparalleled quality and superb functionality.

Find out more about NATULIQUE products here: http://www.natulique.com/.
Choose NATULIQUE and get a natural hair colour with less chemicals and better result.

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Thank you J&J Hair Identity for having me!



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