Things To Buy From Taiwan Supermarket / Convenience Stores

Taiwan's supermarkets and convenience stores are everywhere. Aside from the really affordable prices, they offer an extensive selection of products which are good for your own consumption or gifting as a souvenir. If you are stopping by any stores, make sure to add the following items to your shopping cart!

卡迪那香脆芋片 (Cadina Yam Chips)

What I love about the yam chips is that they are really fragrant, taste absolutely delicious and no doubt, addictive. Made from real yam, the chips will make your forget about the same old potato chips. Once you start, you can't stop!

多力多滋劲爆脆 (Doritos Air)
Something that you cannot from Singapore, BUY! This version of Doritos is much more crunchier and light compared to the usual ones.

旺旺小小酥 (Wang Wang Xiao Xiao Su)
These rice biscuits is the savoury version of popcorns that is super addictive. Comes in an assortment of flavours, from chicken to spicy to seaweed - there's definitely something for everyone! 

義美小泡芙 (Yi Mei Mini Puffs)

This is a pretty amazing snack that taste like cream puff except that the crust is slightly harder. So far I had only tried the Milk Puffs and it was pretty addictive. The puffs come in an array of flavours, if you are a fan of cream puffs, be adventurous and try all the different flavours! 

活益比菲多益生菌软糖 (Yakult Gummy Candies)
Claimed to aid in digestion, these gummies are perfect for candy lovers who want to avoid fake flavourings and high fructose corn syrup. I prefer the original flavour to the grape and strawberry flavour.

活益比菲多绿茶多酚 (Green Tea Flavored Yakult)

If you like a refreshing tinge to your yakult, you have to try this flavour. The green tea flavoured drink actually taste better than the grape, apple or orange flavour ones.

存萃∙喝红茶乌龙奶 (Chun Cui He Black Mix Oolong)
Highly raved by Singaporeans, the Chun Cui He milk tea and latte beverages sparked a frenzy even before they debuted at Singapore. However, I thought that their range of coffees and milk tea is mediocre. The only flavour that is more impressive and unique is the Black Mix Oolong. I don't think I have ever tasted something like this elsewhere.

统一木瓜牛乳 / 西瓜牛 (Uni-President Papaya Milk / Watermelon Milk)
Taiwanese are crazy over papaya milk and watermelon milk and they have many juice stalls around the cities that sell really good juices. Uni-President Papaya Milk and Watermelon Milk is a good dupe for fresh papaya milk and watermelon milk if you can't find nice ones at the juice stalls. The are not too sweet or milky, perfect for everyone at all ages! 

御饭团 (Onigiri)
Everyone loves the Japanese's onigiri, a delicious triagnular sushi wrapped with nori (seaweed) and stuffed with different fillings namely salmon, tuna, fish roe etc. And the Taiwanese had their own version of onigiri which involves a certain level of localisation. They have special flavours such as pork floss, kimchi with pork, grilled pork, smoked chicken etc. This make a simple and hearty breakfast together with a cuppa.

And they came up with fried rice ball and fried rice ball with tamago. How innovative is that! I would love to try the next time when I'm there.

新东阳卤肉燥 (Hsin Tung Yang Stewed Minced Pork)
Thinking of recreating the Taiwanese's 卤肉饭 (Braised/Stewed Meat Rice) but have no idea on how to prepare the fragrant minced meat sauce which is the soul of the dish? Purchase Hsin Tung Yang Stewed Minced Pork! The canned stewed minced pork taste great with rice or even porridge! Simply heat it up and you are good to consume. Garnish with some spring onions or and/or chili for more flavours. Apart from having it with your carbs, you can fry it with tofu or anything that you like! 

满汉大餐珍味牛肉面∙葱烧猪肉面  (Man Han Da Can Chili Beef Noodles∙Chili Pork Noodles)

一度贊爌肉麵 (Yi Du Zan Stewed Pork Noodles)
Both the Man Han Da Can and Yi Du Zan Noodles come in bowls and packets form. These are very hearty noodles that are perfect for a quick yet satisfying lunch. The tasty broths and chunks of meat are usually raved by consumers especially us, Singaporeans. The meat taste extremely delectable, it's flavourful and tender. 

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I especially adore the Man Han Da Can Chili Pork Noodles cause it comes with springy flat noodles!

威力大干面地狱辣椒风味 (Wei Lih Fire Noodles)
Dubbed as Taiwan's Fire Noodles, this amazing noodles comes with only 1 packet of seasoning which is the chili paste. Not as spicy as Korea's Samyang Fire Noodles but it still brings a little heat to your mouth just that it's still bearable and not too overwhelming. And the special thing about this noodles is that it comes with a soup pack. The soup helps to ease the spiciness if it is too much for you to handle.

茶叶蛋 (Tea Eggs)
What is there not to like about the marbled appearance egg that is infused with the aroma from the tea-infused broth. It makes a healthy snack during any time of the day. 

关东煮 (Oden)
Nothing can be more comforting than having a bowl of Oden during a chilly day. Known as Oden in Japan, Odeng in Korea and similar to Yong Tau Foo in Singapore, this hearty stew comes with an assortment of ingredients cooked in a clear broth and in comes with spicy and non-spicy version. Available in most convenience stall in Taiwan, you will be spoilt for choices on what to pick. Following is the list of selections that you can choose from!

And this is it! The list of items you cannot leave Taiwan without, be sure to try and bring home these items during your Taiwan trip! 



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