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Today’s post is about affordable drugstore cosmetics that are not more than $15 which I find it of good quality and value for money. I’m always on the lookout for inexpensive cosmetics cause I strongly believed that products that are priced higher doesn’t mean that it will work better. With just a fraction of that amount, I can find a good product! I’ve been using the following products for some time and I’m really satisfied with these buys.

1. NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick 

This has got to be my best lipstick purchase ever. NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick is a classic lipstick that is suitable for all occasions. The lipsticks are highly pigmented, it has a good staying power and helps to moisturise my lips at the same time. Available in a jaw-dropping variety of shades, you can get these babies for $8.90/$9.90.
I’ve got these lippies in 3 different shades and I love ‘em all!

2. Silky Girl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen 
This liquid eyeliner is my daily essential. The formulation is excellent, it glides smoothly on my eyelids and what’s even better is the ultra long staying power. The eyeliner can last me the whole day from morning to night without smudging. Smudge-proof, waterproof and the pen can last for months, what is there not to love about this eyeliner. I got this for $8.90 during Watsons sales, the original prize should be about $11.90 if I didn’t remember wrongly.
The super fine tip that is great for drawing fine lines. Prefer thicker lines, just go over and over!

3. NYX Powder Blush
I’ve tried a few blush and this has got to be the one that gives me a natural glow. The NYX Powder Blush is well-pigmented but it doesn’t make me look like a clown. This is perfect for everyday use, it blends well and the staying power is pretty good. If needed, it is easy to build up as well! The blush comes in matte and shimmer and the one that I got is matte.
Look at the pretty shade in rosy pink. I don’t really remember the actual price for this because I got it some time back. Probably less than 10 bucks?

4. E.L.F Studio Bronzer 
If you’re not an expert in highlighting and contouring or if you just need to do some contouring to your face. Just get this bronzer, you will definitely not regret.
Shocked to see 4 colours? To use it, you’re suppose to blend all 4 colours together to achieve a blend of perfection or you can choose your favourite colour to mix, match and blend. Apart from blending the colours together, you can use it individually, like the white on the top left, you can use it as a highlighter. The beige at bottom right, it can be double as a blush. Then the brown would be used for contouring. The price of the bronzer, $5 or $6! And it comes with a mirror. So worthy ~ If you are to purchase this, do open and check the colour combination, this bronzer comes in 3 variation with different shades.

5. Watsons Cleansing Facial Wipes 
At the end of the day with all the makeups on, it’s time to remove it. My mom introduced me to this and since then I’ve been using this makeup removal everyday for close to a year. We experienced no discomfort. I used this to remove all my makeup including my eye makeup and it does a really good job leaving no residues behind! One sheet is enough for me or even half a sheet. I’ve tried other renowned makeup remover brands and they work the same for me! This big pack of facial wipes is $3.90 for 30 sheets (If I remember correctly). If you’re keen to try, you can get the smaller pack at $2.

Before I end this post, I would like to share some tips with you on how you can save on your spendings on cosmetics.

To purchase drugstores brands, go to Malaysia or Thailand’s Watsons or even Singapore Duty Free stores. Brands like L’oreal and Maybelline are much cheaper there.

For instance the Maybelline Mascara, I believe Singapore’s Watsons is retailing for about $19.90. I went to Malaysia’s Watsons and I got it for less than $12? Its like almost half price. Same thing for L’oreal, the foundation that I got is probably 20-30% cheaper. If you’re lucky and the store is having sales, you will definitely want to bring the whole store home.

For Revlon fans, to reap a huge savings, make your purchase at Singapore Duty Free stores when you are travelling or if you have friends that are travelling. Got these 2 products from there and it is about 50% cheaper!

Also, go to warehouse sales like L’oreal or Watsons sales, you will be amazed on how much you can save.

Share with me what are your recent affordable beauty hauls by commenting below!



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