Who is the fairest of them all?


I AM! Because I've Bio-essence Tanaka White.

Tanaka White 4X Intensive White Serum ($45.80/30ml)

Afraid to get exposed under the sun because of the damages UV exposure can do to your skin such as photoaging, age spots, freckles and uneven skin tone? 
No fear!

Bio-essence Laboratories has developed a new and improved Tanaka White 4X Intensive White Serum with a premium whitening agent, alpha-Arbutin, to help you stride in the sun with fair, cool and radiant skin. Its new and improved Tanaka White range, specially formulated to better address dark spots and uneven skin tone with a reinvented 4X Intensive White Serum containing alpha-Arbutin that is 9X more powerful – skin whitening has never been more flawless and effective.

The new Bio-essence Tanaka White 4X Intensive White Serum is improved and specially formulated with premium alpha-Arbutin that is 9X more powerful than beta-Arbutin, which is typically found in many other whitening products in the market. Arbutin, extracted from bearberry plants and helps to brighten dull and yellowish skin, is a great natural whitening agent that is known for eliminating pigmentation and improving overall skin complexion. It also helps maintain skin’s fairness by preventing the formation of melanin and protects skin against harmful UV rays.

The star product of Bio-essence’s Tanaka White series comes with powerful 4X whitening, as it is aptly named. Bio-essence has innovatively combined the 4 powerful and effective whitening agents, Tanaka Extract, alpha-Arbutin, Kojic Acid and Tranexamic Acid to specially formulate the 4X Intensive Whitening Serum, targeting and treating the two causes of darkness. 

Work fairness from within
The production of melanin and tyrosinase synthesis is blocked with the combination of alpha-Arbutin with Tranexamic Acid. Tranexamic Acid is a highly effective whitening ingredient which inhibits the tyrosinase activity and curbs the production of melanin, effectively preventing blemishes and preventing dark spots formation beneath the skin. Now that it is 9X more powerful, the 4X Intensive White Serum is guaranteed to give you total fairness inside-out as it helps to prevent the formation of melanin and protect skin against harmful UV rays, improving dull skin tone for a visibly fairer complexion.

Fight darkness on the outside
The ingredient, Tanaka Extract, which the series is named after, comes from the Tanaka tree bark that blocks out harmful UV rays and external pollutants. It has excellent deep nourishing, hydrating and cooling properties to reduce free radical damage while soothing and calming skin, leaving it smooth, supple and relaxed. Bio-essence Tanaka White Series adapts and combines this ancient secret with modern Bio-engineering techniques to extract these highly effective whitening, moisturizing and nourishing agents from the tree bark to produce a natural and effective whitening range of products.
Combined with Kojic Acid, which comes from the fermentation process of malting rice in the use of manufacturing sake, the 4X Intensive White Serum helps to fight darkness on the outside. Kojic Acid is a popular agent used to lighten skin and is also used to treat skin diseases such as melasma. It is a great anti-oxidant with antibacterial and antifungal properties which effectively lightens freckles and pigmentations and evens skin tone. 

Tanaka White 4X Intensive White Serum is specially formulated to specifically target, combat and treat the causes of dark spots and uneven skin, providing highly intensive whitening and brightening for a luminous, fairer and more radiant skin, with superior whitening effect that can be seen after just 4 days. After application, skin exudes radiance and has a smooth, fair and healthy- looking complexion. Skin’s fairness is also intensified for a flawless fair skin which glows from within.

After just 4 days, existing pigmentation and spots will be effectively lightened, skin tone evened out and complexion dramatically brightened. Now with alpha-Arbutin that is 9X more powerful than beta-Arbutin, the 4 whitening agents in the 4X Intensive White Serum actively work to fight darkness. As a result, skin exudes radiance with a smooth and healthy-looking complexion that is also intensified for a flawless fair skin which glows from within. 

Product Efficacies
1. Effectively lightens existing pigments and spots

2. Blocks tyrosinase and inhibits the production of melanin to prevent dark spots and reduces darkening after UV exposure

3. Evens out skin tone, whitens & brightens complexion

4. Moisturizes and cools skin

5. Skin exudes radiance, revealing a smooth, fair & healthy-looking complexion

6. Skin’s fairness intensifies for flawless fair skin which glows from within
The product comes with a dropper attached to the cap! I love skincare products that comes with dropper! It makes dispensing so much easier. And it makes me feel like a professional 
Most importantly, say NO to wastage! With a dropper, you can gauge the amount of serum that your face needs.

I was quite surprised that the serum is white in colour instead of the usual translucent sticky liquid.
The texture is kinda sticky like most serums and it has a little cooling sensation.

Within seconds, it got fully absorbed.

How to use: Apply twice a day after cleansing. Spread a sufficient amount of the serum evenly onto entire face. Then, apply another layer over areas with dark spots and freckles. 

The serum's white, viscous liquid doesn't leave my skin sticky and greasy. It sinks right into my skin upon application and what's better is that I can double the usage of this serum as a makeup primer. I can win back total fairness with Bio-essence Tanaka White 4X Intensive White Serum.

Tanaka White 4X Double Whitening Day Cream SPF 20 ($29.80/50g)

The Double Whitening Day Cream comes with SPF 20, Tanaka Extract and Tranexamic Acid to help suppress excessive production of melanin, protects skin from harmful sunlight and repairs skin for instant fairness from within so that skin glows with crystal clear luminosity. Regain bright and naturally fair skin as it helps repair damaged cells and encourage cell renewal. Uniquely formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to keep skin hydrated and moisturized, it is lightly textured with a non-greasy formula to facilitate fast absorption while Tanaka Extract helps to keep skin cool.

Product Efficacies
  1. SPF20 to protect against harmful UV rays
  2. Tanaka Extract shields skin from external pollutants, keeps skin cool and moisturized
  3. Contains Tranexamic Acid to significantly brighten and even out skin tone
  4. Provides skin with trace minerals and precious herbal extracts such as ginseng, angelica, and gingko
  5. Lightens and prevents freckles, dark spots and pigmentation 
Active ingredients: Tanaka Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Tranexamic Acid, Pomelo Extract, Ginseng Extract, Angelica Extract, Gingko Extract, minerals

Sealed for hygiene purpose.

 The rich-looking cream smells like perfume.

It feels kind of greasy.

To my surprise, once the cream is evenly spread, it got absorbed quickly without leaving any greasiness. And comparing to the above visual, my hand got slightly fairer.

How to use: Apply daily on clean face. Smooth cream evenly onto face until fully absorbed. 

I don't have any dark spots, so I'm depending both the serum and cream to lighten my skin for the best and most intensive whitening effect. The formula of the cream is actually quite light despite the appearance, it get easily absorbed which could really be worn under makeup. And most importantly, it did not make me break out. After using the serum & cream for a few days, there isn't any drastic difference. The whitening effect ain't obvious but I can see that both products helped to even out my skin tone. 

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