Finally met up the best friend who went to Taiwan for a month!

Woke up to painful gums.

And we finally caught The Amazing Spiderman 2.

Then Concetto for dinner.
Do make reservation if you're heading there.
When we reached there at about 7, they stopped accepting walk-in. 

Crab Risotto for me and Duck Tortellini for WJ.
Similar to Saveur, the menu has limited choices and the serving portion is slightly smaller than usual.
If you're wondering what's the difference between Saveur and Concetto, one serves French and the latter serves Italian. 
Would definitely make another visit to try out the pasta.

Then a super impromptu night shopping at Ikea.
While waiting ~ 

And we had Mackers after an intense shopping at Ikea.
Don't really fancy the Tom Yum cutlet. The smokey drumlets were good thou.

Sinful, I know.

Bound to put on a few kgs whenever I meet WJ.



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