Killing Me Zombie CC Cream SPF30 PA++


This product is being highly raved about by selection of beauty lovers in Korea before its release and is now on everyone’s tongue.

Comes with a pump, a feature which I really adore.

Lines and lines of Korean characters which I am quite clueless about it.

Seemed like the CC Cream is white in colour.

It's indeed in white, that's pretty interesting! This is a good amount that is sufficient for my entire face.

Blending in progress; the cream is turning from white to beige. 

Blending well. 

Viola, the cream does blend well with my skin tone.

The secret behind the white cream that makes it blends so well with my skin tone?
Using “Color Capsule Stability Technology” this amazing product has the ability of “skin tone finding”, going well with each skin colour with its triple colour capsules. The blemish coverage also aids in correcting uneven skin tone and conceals skin imperfection.

Let's see how the CC Cream fares.

Pardon the gross ‘before’ photo and divert your focus to the ‘after’ photo.
The CC Cream concealed my pores and the redness on my face perfectly! Neither sticky nor greasy after application. And I’m really impressed with the coverage that it provides. Now I know why the Koreans are raving about this product.

Killing Me Zombie CC Cream made from herbal extracts such as wild perilla leaves and angelica utilis makino is rich in vitamins and minerals, keeping skin nutritionally balanced. Royal azalea extract, portulaca extract, and aloe vera extract in the product also helps soothe and calm down skin against harmful sun rays. The ingredients do sound beneficial for the skin.

Killing Me Zombie CC Cream SPF30 PA++ is now retailing at $28.00 for 40ml in selected Watsons store.



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