Here, I have 3 new products with me that let your Skin Gets Younger, Faster, Longer.
The BeautyBiotics range of Dream Cream products is a breakthrough, new range of dermatological cosmetics or functional skin care that erases imperfections upon first application, and continues to work at the skin’s cellular level to deliver intense hydration and regenerate skin collagen and elastin, leaving your skin supple and youthful in the long-term.

Based on medical aesthetics science, BeautyBiotics light-diffusing optic technology infuses skin with a soft light for a radiant and glowing complexion. BeautyBiotics also uses Nano Technology to pack more hydrating and age-defying active ingredients into one application and deliver them into deep
layers of the skin to enhance skin cell regeneration.

BeautyBiotics is dermatologist tested for sensitive skin, and made in Japan for Asian skins with proven ingredients to:

  1. Regenerate skin elastin and collagen for plumped up softness
  2. Intensely hydrate for supple skin
  3. Improve skin radiance and clarity
  4. Effectively whiten for luminous, bright skin

BB/CC Beauty Balm Colour Corrector
Advanced Blemish Balm + Colour Corrector

BB/CC Beauty Balm Colour Corrector is an advanced BB/CC cream formula that combines 12 skin effects in one application including anti-wrinkle, collagen regeneration, whitening, hydration, colour correction and blemish covering. The dermatologically tested formula with broad spectrum UV protection (SPF 40, PA+++) helps enhance skin elasticity and even skin tone whilst providing perfect coverage.

Treat your skin while providing perfect, long-lasting coverage
✓ Cover, Control, Correct, Refortify

12-in-1 BB + CC Cream Formula
  1. Hydration
  2. Whitening
  3. Pore Refinement
  4. Cell Renewal 
  5. Collagen Regeneration
  6. Sebum Control
  7. Anti-Acne
  8. Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Aging
  9. Anti-Itch
  10. Anti-Inflammation
  11. UV Protection
  12. Skin Repair 
Available in 3 shades: Shimmer, Fair and Natural.
Mine is Natural.
BB/CC Beauty Balm Colour Corrector is suitable for ALL skin types, even sensitive skin!

Aims to provides perfect coverage without clogging pores & conceals pigmentation + blemishes.

No shiny surface means it's not greasy. That's great! 

Before application ~
My gross pores + blemishes picture once again.

After application, no more blemishes and huge pores.

Initially I thought that the Natural shade will be too dark for my skin tone, however the cream blends well with my skin tone. The creamy looking BB/CC Cream is smooth and glides through my face easily. It got absorb into my face rapidly and does not leave any greasy feeling after application. Another plus point for this product is that, it contains no fragrance.

Clinically Substantiated Claims
  1. 4x More UV Protection
  2. +150% Cell Regeneration
  3. +60% Collagen Regeneration
  4. +39% Skin Hydration
  5. +28% Skin Whitening
  6. +17% Wrinkle Improvement

Cover x Protect, get your BB/CC Beauty Balm Colour Corrector now!

Exclusively available at all Watsons outlets, BB/CC Beauty Balm Colour Corrector is retailing at $39 for 45g.
BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder
Light Diffusing Nano BB + Powder

BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder is a dermatologically tested broad brand UV protection face powder that contains nanonized  light-diffusing pearl crystals. It works to filter out and diffuse light to reduce the appearance of facial lines and provides long lasting coverage for pores and imperfections. The Nano Collagen + Pearl Powder + Ceramide + Hyaluronic Acid helps to repair, regenerate and hydrate skin whilst giving skin a natural radiant glow.

Cover Imperfections+ Wrinkles,  Correct Blemishes + Unevenness, Restore Moisture +UV Protection

BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder provides advanced UV Protection, diffuses light to hide wrinkles, spots, pores, helps to hydrates, regenerate, repair, makes skin one tone brighter and it's waterproof!
Despite being a powder, BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder has all the benefits of a cream such as hydration. 

Comes with a fluffy powder puff.

Available in Matte and Shimmer.
Suitable for all skin types which includes sensitive skin!
I chose Matte. 

Dap some powder on my hand.
The powder feels very smooth and fine on my hands.

On my face, it doesn't appear to be cakey. And indeed, it is waterproof! After using it for a day, even if I sweat, my face did not turn greasy. It works like a loose powder that helps to set my makeup in place, giving me a flawless finish and providing my skin with so many benefits.

Available only at Watsons outlets, RTP: $45 (6g).

UV White Nano Mineral Powder
Nano Sunblock + Whitening Powder

UV White is a clinical strength sun protection and whitening nano mineral powder that provides broad band UV protection and helps whiten skin at the same time. The powerful Nano Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid + Alpha Arbutin Formula helps regenerate skin, reduce pigmentation and lighten dark spots.

Protection, Correct, Whiten

Aims to reduces pigmentation, melanin and lightens dark spots.

White, fine powder and the powder puff is attached to the bottle.

UV White Nano Mineral Powder is actually sunscreen in powder form. My hands felt so smooth after application. As you can see, the powder did not leave any white cast on my hand after application

To use this powder, simply apply evenly onto the face and areas with dark spots and wrinkles. You can reapply throughout the day as necessary. Since the bottle is so tiny and cute, I can conveniently pop it into my bag and use it as and when I need it. An alternative for sunscreen, now I don't have to slap layers and layers of products on my face. Imagine in the morning after cleansing, you have to apply so many skincare products that is in liquid form. Toner, moisturiser, sunscreen, primer, BB Cream/foundation. Guess you've to wait for about 30 minutes to let those products get absorb. Now with UV White Nano Mineral Powder, it's so convenient! 

And this is me yesterday when I applied the UV White Nano Mineral Powder.
It doesn't leave any white cast on my face & I looked like how I look like on other days.

UV White Nano Mineral Powder is suitable for sensitive and all skin types.

Retailing at $49 (4.5g) exclusively available at all Watsons outlets.

Get your BeautyBiotics Dream Cream products from any Watsons outlets now! 
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