F o ö d i e

 You just need to order pork chop, cabbage and sunny side up when having curry rice.

I think I ate like 10 chicken cheese balls during te shabu shabu session.

My favorite yong tau foo in town. The handmade meatballs are beyond delicious.

Buckwheat instant aglio olio.

 Breakfast prepared by mom and dad.

It is good for a change, bak chor mee sua.

Bishan's oyster omelette and chicken rice, my new favorite. Too yumz.

Tang yuan during Winter Solstice.

I love tokyo banana!


More food photos that I found in my phone.
I've been travelling around Singapore just for F O O D, probably travelling to the west just for a plate of chicken rice. From the East to Central to West to North to South.

All those calories intake are burned by the amount of household chores I did (an excuse for me to eat more hehe) and not forgetting chauffeuring mom and sis when needed, I can walk up and down to the carpark at least thrice a day.
Have been helping mom with household chores, wiping here and there and even the windows. Never felt so satisfied to be able to help my mom and contributing to a more comfy and clean environment for everyone.
Despite all the food post, please don't judge that I'm eating like a pig, I am actually leading a much healthier lifestyle compared to how I spent during my previous holidays.
In the past, I always experienced backache, sometimes piercing pain, regardless of working or schooling but not now, no matter how long I stand or how much effort I spend on those household chores, I do not encounter such problem anymore and my sinus too! No more monthly sinus.

Yay to a healthier lifestyle!



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