A Brand New Chapter

Just a few days back, I entered a new phase of my life
I've been wanting to complete my studies and get a job and now I did, but it seems kind of weird?

From now onwards, I'm really gna appreciate every weekend.
Saturdays and Sundays are so precious now.
And I finally understand why so many people would prefer studying over working.
Don't get the wrong idea! I LOVE MY JOB, I really love what I'm doing now. It's just that I'm not used to sitting down and facing the laptop for the entire day.
Everyday without fail, my contacts were as dry as Sahara and my body will start to ache every morning. I really need to get used to this. 
Somehow work has changed my lifestyle bit by bit.
Every weekday morning I will wake up an hour before my alarm rings. The 3 things I do after work will be, dinner, bath, and decide what to wear the following day. And I will knock out before 11. I've forgo my daily routine of drama sessions and reading newspaper. Catching up every single thing during the weekends. That's why weekend is super important to me now.
Can't wait for the short break during cny however got to execute my cny campaign first, cross my fingers that it will succeed x

Getting inspiration from anywhere and everywhere.

I'm trying my best to schedule as much post as possible at this moment cos' I will not have the luxury of time to blog freely.



  1. hi! Where are you working at? Congrats on getting a job that you love, you're one of the lucky ones!



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