WJ's Twenty-First Birthday

Wen Jun's birthday celebration was the most tiring birthday celebration I have ever had ...

Picked the birthday birthday boy up early in the morning and went for grocery shopping. And the reason for going to the supermarket is because the birthday boy's birthday wish was having me to whip up a birthday meal for him. And I gladly accede his request despite having 0 confidence.

READY TO PERFORM! Wearing his shirt in case my top stink after cooking cause we're heading for a movie after lunch.

The bacon which took forever to turn crispy and golden brown.

Main course: yong tau foo soup. It was pretty simple however I took some time perfect the taste of the soup.

The final products. Thanks to WJ for not giving me a hard time and chose those stuffs that are easy to prepare. And most are convenience food.
Everything taste fine (like seriously), and most importantly no tummy ache.

Then movie after lunch. WJ and I was fighting with the zzz monsters cause both of us was damn bloated and sleepy after lunch. We caught Thor, my favorite superhero apart from Iron Man. I love all Marvel movies, all the twists and turns are so exciting.

Sushi Tei for dinner.
New favorite! Definitely coming back for this.

Looking at the Mentaiko just make me drool.

House specialty. WJ high recommend this, and it was refreshing. Yes refreshing, cause the mango was so sweet, not even a tinge of sourness.  

Needless to say, next to my family, you're the one that understand me the most even without me opening my mouth. You are the best thing that ever happened in my life.

That was the most tiring day ever for sleeping just a few hours, waking up early and ending the day late. Cause my friend came for a midnight operation knowing that I need to replace my car's tail light bulb, super thankful, this is the second time he's helping me with it. If anyone is interested in grooming your car (wax/wash), do let me know! My friend is super good at it, he just did my car a few days back.

His professional set of 'equipments' not forgetting that he has different material of cloths that is used for different cleaning purposes. His professionalism really wowed me. 

Whipped cream.

After 3 hours of hard work. My car had never been so clean and smooth before. I can clearly see my reflection from the car's body. However this photo did not do any justice to the outcome of his hard work.



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