16 November 2013

An important day for my cousin and her husband.


Ardor x Bliss

Tried my best to capture some shots of the dinner cos' the server kept blocking me.
Starters. Look like every wedding banquet starters is the same cold platter regardless of hotel.
Roasted duck/octopus/jelly fish/roasted meat/fried shrimp roll

Double boiled abalone and mushroom soup to replace shark's fin soup.

Love/hate relationship with this dish. I love prawns but I hate the sauce, wasabi and salted egg yolk.

I was looking forward to fried noodles.

 I was looking forward to yam paste.

Because I was the receptionist.

There is this thing about wedding that I always couldn't control my emotions, the urge of bursting out cause everything is too perfect and beautiful.



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