A Moment Like This

After a year ..... I finally got to met up with Samantha and off we go to Ah Loy Thai to satisfy our Thai food craving, more of my tom yum craving hehe.

Pandan chicken

Fried sotong

Only managed to capture these 2 dishes a.k.a the yummiest dishes we ordered & not forgetting the super shiok tom yum, but both of us were busy with our mouths (eating and talking) and we can't be bothered to take photos of the other dishes. We got there quite late and most of the dishes oos :(

Here's the 'climax' of this blog post
Without keeping track of time, we chatted till midnight, we really have lots to update each other and we can really talk anything under the moon (family, work, food, cosmetics, utensils, cars etc etc).
Then we went separate ways, I went to pick my car at a HDB multistory carpark opposite T1.
When I started my car, this is what I got: some weird noises and ↓

How often would you see all the icons lighted up. 

My engine could not start. Despite knowing that my battery was dead, I was hoping for a miracle, I tried to start the car for the second time and the third time but to no avail.
And thank god my friend came to save me half an hour later.
My car was the only car parked on the roof and the surroundings were super dark and quiet. Knowing that I was stuck at the carpark, Samantha advised me stay in the car and locked the doors. That was the most horrendous half an hour. 
As soon as my friend came we started to push the car (yeah, like what you've seen in dramas) then I had to find the right time ad momentum to hop back to my seat and push start the car (floor the accelerator and start the engine). The car started to vibrate vigorously (like seriously) and making some weird noises like the car's gna break down any moment. But T A D A H it works! I managed to drive home safely but throughout the journey home I was super paranoid that the car will just die on me. 
And the next day, my dad went to the petrol kiosk workshop to pick one mechanic back to my house's carpark to replace the battery cause the battery will eventually die when the engine is off unless we push start the car again.
Thank you to both my saviors (x infinity times)
Ok, end of story. What an experience ._______.


Happy birthday to my super dad // please stay in the pink of health and watch what goes inside your mouth !!



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