#9: Favorite Website

None other than





And my own blog!

I would say these websites that I frequent the most. Or I should say these are the apps that I used the most on my phone. I would usually use the laptop for projects, shows and blog. That explains that I don't really have a particular favorite website. I'm more dependent on my phone instead, I can live without my laptop.

Current update of my ever mundane life: 
2 papers down, and I would say so far so good. Another paper on this coming Saturday and the last paper on the 6th. The smell of liberation is getting closer.
I'm so sick of studying and memorising. And I can't seemed to fall asleep the night before the paper despite how tired I feel. It really sucks. 
Took the second paper today and yesterday I only managed to fall asleep at around 1-ish and I automatically woke up at 5 instead of 8. In a desperate need for a good sleep tonight before the intensive studying/memorising routine tomorrow.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the next 2 papers xx



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