#7: Blog Goals

Penning down my thought at 23.23 before hitting the sack.
One of the promises I made to myself when I decided to return to blogging is to constantly blog about my life, feelings, thoughts and whatever I want to so that in the future when I look back to these posts, I can reminisce the memories, laugh at myself or even learn something from what I've done.
And I really want to show my future hubby and kids like what I've done.
So yup, my blog goal is to keep blogging till old?
I hope after the 30 days of challenge I will still have the motivation to blog, thoughts of having to rack my brains for inspirations on what to blog about.

Sidetrack a little, something to rejoice about, today is submission of the final project. But having my first paper in like less 2 weeks time? Nothing to be happy now.
So for the time-being due to the upcoming exams, I'll probably blog like every fortnightly instead? 

Feelin' kind of grouchy today, having 101 random thoughts flowing in my mind.
Sometimes I wonder does it pay to be kind? Do people really appreciate it? Does 'thank you' come from the bottom of their heart? Or are they saying for the sake of saying it?
People have been taking advantages of each other that they take everything for granted and not feeling a single bit of ashamed and maybe they expect even more from you.
Think I'm weird cause I'm so sensitive about such things.
Somehow I expect people to show their gratitude when they receive help, like when you purchase tissues from the elders on the streets, you can totally feel their gratitude from their looks and eyes but not all, some of them really expect you to buy from them, initially they can be in all smiles but once you rejected them the expression on their face undergo a 360 degrees change and they start to curse.
Helping someone is not an obligation, so if you receive help, don't advantage of it or even ask for more.
Really dislike rude people, people without manners, people who don't know how to ask for permission, people who don't appreciate, people who ask for more, people who think the world just revolve around them.
Can't exactly express what I'm feeling now in words, I've like x numbers of situations playing in my mind now. Slmost spent an hour on sucha short post. But I just wna say



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