#10: On My Wishlist

This was my wishlist some time back. The Hermès Birkin, CDC and Céline was on my wishlist since eons ago. The rest like was just some impulsive wants, but I really like the Givenchy and Balenciaga bags too!  
And apparently I received the Pandora bracelet and Swarovski pen for my 21st!

The pretty charms that I'm so gna collect.
But these are some material wants on my wishlist.
As cliche as it may seemed, I wish for happiness and health for my family, myself and my close friends.

I've another wish now, which is to catch Iron Man 3.

Also, I really wish that 6th May could come quickly, can't wait to take my final paper for this semester.
Took the second last paper yesterday and having a week break before my last paper.
This week passed really quickly and it was a heretic one, 3 papers within a week and had been crazily mugging.

Had a well-deserved lunch and a Starbucks treat yesterday with the girls after our paper. It had been so long since I went out to enjoy myself.

Then caught my weekly dosage of Vampire Diaries at night.

Had the best and most peaceful sleep last night and woke up to the grey skies.
Never felt so good ever since the start of the week. And had some quality me time today, gna take a few days break from the books. Sounds like I'm done with the semester, but nah, one last lap to go.



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