Caring For Your Tresses Has Never Been Easier


Caring for your tresses has never been easier with the new Essential haircare range!
A total re-launch of its current haircare products, Essential’s new range comes in four different variants – the Nourishing Breakage Defence for weak and damaged hair (orange), Moisturising Frizz Free for dull and rough hair (pink), Light Finishing Volumizing range for limp and flat hair (yellow) and the Deep Cleansing Care range for with oily scalp and dry ends (blue).

Specially formulated with the new Microfine All Smooth Essence and variants that contain the Sebum Cleansing Technology, the brand new haircare range promises to smoothen your locks and helps you achieve healthy and manageable hair! I can't wait to try! But first, let's learn more about Microfine All Smooth Essence and Sebum Cleansing Technology.
Microfine All Smooth Essence – Achieve Smooth and Manageable Hair
Infused with the new Microfine All Smooth Essence, the new Essential coats each hair strand evenly with a protective veil, delivering nutrients and locks in moisture to repair dry and damaged hair ends without causing the roots to be sticky and heavy. It soothes the damaged hair cuticles from root to tip, allowing you to run your fingers through your hair effortlessly even during shampooing.

Sebum Cleansing Technology – Combination Hair Woes Begone
Most of us are faced with the dilemma of combination hair type. What's combination hair type? This may be the first time you come across this term, but we're no stranger to combination skin type. And the definition is the same. Combination hair type is where the needs of our hair roots and ends are vastly different.

And more often than not, we settle for products that do not answer to all our hair needs. For instance, nourishing shampoos and conditioners for damaged hair often result in build-up on the scalp, giving user uncomfortable, oily feeling by mid-day. Conversely, using light, clarifying products to care for oily roots and scalp could cause hair ends to be even drier than it already is.There's isn't a comprehensive product in the market which could solve both problems of oily roots and dry ends.
The new Essential brings the best of both worlds to you!
With the optimum combination of Smart Cuticle Care and Sebum Cleansing Technology in the Light Finish Volumizing (yellow) and Deep Cleansing Care (blue) variants, you can now achieve moisturised hair ends while maintaining a refreshed and breathable scalp!
This is what I've been searching high and low for! I know that my roots are more 'prone to oiliness' but my ends are normal. So should I get the blue or yellow one? Or maybe the pink or orange range is more suitable for me?? No worries, let Essential helps us with our haircare woes!

An overview of the 4 different variations:
The orange and pink variants are of richer formula and are suitable for dry/damaged hair without having oily roots. As mentioned, the blue and yellow variants are of lighter formula and are suitable for people with oily roots/scalp yet dry hair ends (combination hair).
To choose the correct variant for your hair type, ask yourself the two questions and choose from the matrix below:

1. Do you have oily hair roots/scalp?
2. Do you have dry/damaged hair ends?
Deep Cleansing Care (blue) variant has the lightest formula and is suitable for people with very oily roots, followed by Light Finish Volumizing (yellow) variant.

1. Do I have oily hair roots/scalp? Yes, a little.
2. Do I have dry/damaged hair ends? No.

So I'm going for the Light Finish Volumizing (yellow) variant.

Like what I've mentioned earlier on.

Conditioner on the top & shampoo at the bottom.
It's not possible for me to take a photo when I'm shampooing my hair, so this is the furthest I can show.

Apart from the shampoo and conditioner I would like to introduce Essential Treatment Tube (Nourishing Breakage Defense/Moisturising Frizz-free)
Improved treatment now works its magic on your hair in 30 seconds! The result – deeply moisturized and manageable hair. Perfect for busy days.

Essential Hair Mask (Nourishing Breakage Defense/Moisturising Frizz-Free)
For more intensive treatment to treat those dry/damaged ends, leaving hair softer, smoother and more manageable.

Likewise, here's how to choose the correct treatment and hair mask for your hair type together with the shampoo and conditioner:
If you have dry/damaged hair, you should use the richest formula Nourishing Breakage Defense (orange) variant for treatment and mask while other hair types suits the Moisturising Frizz-Free (pink) variant which is comparatively lightly.

Also, do take note that DO NOT apply treatment/mask on your scalp. Apply to the hair ends only!

Same thing, answer the 2 questions. And I should get the treatment tube and hair mask. Basically the treatment tube and hair mask you're getting should be of the same efficacy and you shouldn't use both at the same time. It's an either/or.

You must be wondering what's the difference between the treatment tube and mask.
Treatment tube is good for busy days whereby you only need 30 seconds of your time to get soft and shiny tresses.

Whilst, the mask is a more intensive treatment that you've to leave it on your hair for 3 to 10 minutes and the moisturising effect lasts for 7 days with just 1 use!
Treatment on the top and mask at the bottom. The treatment felt like the conditioner with the same texture and consistency and on the other hand the mask is of thicker texture and consistency.

I take great pride in my hair and I always love how others compliment how healthy my hair looked because I really take good care of it! Serum every day and treatment every now and then. It's not easy for my hair to come this far as I used to have frizzy looking hair in the past. So I'm kinda anal when it comes to haircare products. But I don't think my hair is really that healthy. I always feel that my hair is super flat and the roots tend to get oily in the middle of the day but I couldn't find the holy grail product that can help to solve this issue. I always yearned for a more volumised look.

So I'm really elated and excited coming to know that Essential has re-formulated their products to effectively address the issues of combination hair.

My take on the new Essential:
Other than loving it, I'm seriously loving it! This comprehensive haircare range leaves my hair looking even more healthy and volumised than before. After my first use of all the products, my hair felt surprisingly soft and smooth when I finger comb through whether my hair is wet or dry. Usually, it's kinda hard for me to comb through my wet hair with my fingers because it's all tangled. But Essential made it possible! With the absence of tangles, water does not get trapped between the tangles hence speeding up the process of blow drying. After I met Essential Light Finish Volumizing, it somehow helped to balance the oiliness of my roots. My roots didn't feel as oily as before during midday and my ends, it's still moisturised as ever.

No frizz, smooth and manageable!

Look at how fluffy my hair is.

The new Essential Haircare range is available at leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, western pharmacies and personal care stores. The shampoo and conditioner are priced reasonably at S$4.50 (200ml) / S$11.50 (750ml) each. And the hair mask is retailing at $9.90.

Get your FREE samples at: Also, like Essential on Facebook ( and follow Essential on Instagram (@essentialsingapore). 




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