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#trickeyemuseumsg #trickeyemuseumkorea, the two hashtags that appeared countless times whenever I scrolled through Instagram these days. If you're wondering what is it, Trick Eye Museum is 3D art gallery. And wow, everyone's photos looked amazing! While looking through the photos, deep down, I keep telling myself, I WANT NEED TO GO !! 

So last Friday, I finally got the opportunity to visit the highly raved Trick Eye Museum at at Resorts World Sentosa. Thanks to The Influencer Network and Trick Eye Museum for the invite.

A little background information of Trick Eye Museum
"Trickeye" is derived from the French compound word - Trompe-l'oeil - meaning 'trick of the eye'. The museum has 2D and 3D paintings as well as installations, specially designed for photo opportunities, which trick the viewer's eye into seeing something else. These installations stimulate creativity and imagination techniques through one's vision. Trick Eye Museum first started in Korea in 2010. Singapore, being the first overseas venture of the renowned South Korean gallery, the museum features about 100 paintings and optical illusion installations. More than 50 artworks were created specially and adapted for the Singapore gallery. This includes original pieces such as Merlion Boat and Horse Racing.

Apart from sharing the photos I've taken, this is a little guide that I've came up with for people who are going to visit Trick Eye Museum. I would like to emphasise on 4 important things to pay attention to. So read on to find out! 

1. Equipment

Never leave Trick Eye Museum without bringing home any photos, you will definitely regret. Hence, never visit Trick Eye Museum without your camera! If you don't own a camera, you can use your phone or borrow one. So the night before, please ensure that the battery is fully charged and you've sufficient memory space. Cause you're going to take countless of photos! If you're worried, bring along extra batteries, memory card or even portable charger for your phone.

Bring along your tripod and monopod if necessary. Especially if you're going alone. The more you will need these. But I'll urge you to visit the museum with at least a friend. You wouldn't want to trouble the other visitors to snap picturessss for you. 

So the moment I stepped into the museum, I started to click on my camera. 
Everything in the museum deserved a snap. 

2. Be Patient

You're not the only one in the museum, so you've be patient while you're waiting for someone else to be done with their phototaking. Especially if you're there during the peak periods like the weekends, there bound to be quite a number of people wanting to take pictures with the paintings. 

Queuing in progress.

If you don't want to wait, you can proceed to other paintings. There are more than 1 painting in an area, so you can proceed to other paintings with a smaller crowd first and then return back.

Or while waiting, you can check the pictures you've taken previously. If you're not satisfied with any, you can head back and re-take. QC is a super important step for me during this trip cause I want all my photos to turn out nicely.

3. Thick-skinned

Apart from bringing your cameras, you've to bring your dramatic expressions! Your pictures will look much more convincing when paired with brilliant expressions and exaggerated hand actions. And why I would say thick-skinned? Because other visitors are waiting for their turn. So while queuing, they would definitely notice your expression. So the main point is, don't be shy! You need to get your expression and angle right.

I know I need to improve on my expressions.

Just let your creativity juices flow, do whatever your body tells you to, be flexible!


One of thing that I overlook will be my outfit. On that day itself when I was happily posing for the different painting, I experienced some difficulties in posing for some painting. And the reason - my outfit!

So I was in skinny jeans, white shirt and wedges that day. 

So I can't do such poses! Because my jeans were kinda tight and I've difficulties in crossing and stretching my legs. I can do it in other poses but the effect are not as nice.
Lesson learnt, don't wear tight fitting bottoms. This applies to the guys as well. I saw some guys complaining that their jeans are too tight.

I struggled to get on to the pole cause it wasn't easy to balance on my wedges. But still, I managed to do it! So unless you're a pro in balancing on high heels or you wouldn't mind taking off your footwear, opt for something more comfortable instead.

And for some painting you have to climb up and down. I kinda regretted not wearing flats.

And ladies, try not to wear skirts, dresses or any revealing top (like V-neck) if you would like to do such poses:

Certain paintings require you to lie on top of something or lie flat on the ground. 
I believe you wouldn't want to risk your image in front of the public, so do dressed appropriately. You can look equally nice in shorts/pants. And try to avoid light-coloured clothing to prevent your clothes from getting dirty cause as mentioned, you may have to lie flat on the floor or sit on the floor like this shot: 
Does my sleigh look like it's floating in the air? But I'm actually siting down on the floor! ;)

It's always better to be safe than sorry! Choose dark coloured clothing I would say.

More or less I'm done with the 4 key points that you've to bear in mind if you're going to visit Trick Eye Museum. Hope it helps!

Victoria Secret Model wannabe but failed badly.

Overall, I had a wonderful night. It was an eye-opening experience and I would highly recommend everyone to visit. Whether you're young or old, this place is well-suited for everyone.
 For couples, if you're sick of going for movie dates, do visit this. For the homies/buddies/family, you'll definitely have lots of fun and laughter here. It's definitely amazing seeing how those paintings actually appear to be so real in your pictures. 

If you're keen to go to Trick Eye Museum, one-day admission tickets are priced at S$25 for adults and S$20 for children/seniors. Multi-attraction packages are also available. Guests can purchase tickets and packages onsite or online at www.trickeye.com/singapore or www.rwsentosa.com.



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