Mid-autumn festival this year is like any other ordinary day cos' I was so caught up with work.
Didn't get to celebrate it with my family.

Mom got these durian and mango flavored snow skin mooncakes.

Champagne and truffle mooncakes in the office. These mooncakes were really good, the filling was white chocolate.

Thank you Emicakes for sending these ice-cream mooncakes.
Pink: Strawberry with chocolate chip 
Yellow and Green: Durian!

Never a fan of mooncakes unless it's ice-cream mooncakes.
Even if ice-cream mooncakes, I still don't really fancy the mooncake skin, the dough.
I love the durian flavored ice-cream mooncakes, it's so good!
I think it was made from real durians. It doesn't taste like the $1 artificial durian ice-cream. So rich and flavorful.




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