Greedy Addiction

My colleagues and I were totally addicted to Roxy Square Ban Mian and the steamboat.
We frequent there as often as we can last month because the food court has closed down.

The photos below don't do justice to how good the food are.

I really don't get how good this bowl of ban mian can be. Best ever.

Salad prawns. I love how they fried their prawns with the batter till golden brown and it was so fragrant and crispy that even the tail of the prawn can be consumed.

As usual, we over ordered. 
But it's ok, cause it's the last day of operation. Must get a taste of everything! 

So gna miss the ban mian and steamboat. Hope the ban mian aunty will consider renting a store near my office after our persuasion. Desperate measures haha.

Till then xx



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