Friday air always feel sogood regardless of how tiring the week is. 

Finally tried the highly raved restaurant, Tampopo at Clarke Quay since we're at the vicinity for work-related tasks.
This has got to be the most expensive sashimi I've ever spent on and it was so worth it! 
So fresh, so good. 

The famous black pork ramen, totally forget to add on a tamago egg. 
But the broth and black pork made up for it.
The soup was so flavorful and the black pork was so tender. 
Not a fan of pork but hands down to this.

Tonkatsu stuffed with fish roe.
My virgin experience on cooked fish roe. It was amazingly paired together with tonkatsu. 
So juicy. But I still prefer the raw fish roe that bursts into juices.

Off to Brewerkz

And . . .

The most impromptu clubbing session. 
"Want to go? Ok! Let's go!"



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