We Can't Stop E A T I N G

Celebrating Winter Sonata male lead wannabe's 21st over a high-tea buffet @ Marriott Café.

Had a lovely meal there with the wide spread of offerings, the comfy ambiance and the wonderful company.

My favorite prawns! Such a pity there isn't any oyster or Alaska snow crab legs.
There was a funny scene whereby several aunties were scanning through the 3 huge bowls of prawns for the big and juicy ones, instead of take and go.

Would be perfect if there's salmon sushi and more varieties.

What we had rolling in our tummies.

D.I.Y Yong Tau Foo. Choose your ingredients, noodles and soup broth (laksa, mee siam, prawn and  bak kut teh) .
Regretted not trying the prawn broth.

The desserts were awesome!

Table full of food

Courtesy of Marriott for the birthday boy




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