Had a toiling week since last Friday, been juggling between work and school.
Since last Friday till yesterday, I've been up every morning at 5.50am. Its either I had lectures in the morning then work for the later half of the day or I had to work for the entire day. Fortunately work was only from Friday to Sunday but unfortunately, the following day which was Monday I had lectures from 8.30am to 3pm. And this routine finally ended yesterday. Glad that I managed to survive through this period, but I never regret a single bit despite being weary.
Had a good 13 hours of sleep last night, and I haven't felt so refreshed for awhile. 
I am having a break from school, lectures will only resume during the second week of August.

Snippets from the past weeks

Met up with Wenjun after work one day, we had Tiong Bahru Bakery and Geylang frog leg porridge for dinner. Thought I could have a nice proper meal at Tiong Bahru Bakery but was caught in surprise when I first stepped into the cafe, all they were selling were breads and coffees and I was starving. That's the reason why we headed for frog porridge after.

How mini and cute.

Then met the poly mates for dinner one of the evenings, durian and catch up session on another day. It has been months since I saw the girls as they are studying in Brisbane and UK.

Realised that I have been immersed with work since late May, I had worked for 6 different events during this period of time. Sacrificed my sleep, family days, friends gathering and also I haven't been going out for movies and shopping. But NO REGRETS. I enjoyed myself and probably have a clearer idea on what I want to pursue in the near future.

Movie date with my homies later, my last movie was FF6 ......



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