Regain The TImeless Signs of Youthful-Looking Hair


Asience brings a new generation of haircare with the power of its beauty serum. 

A haircare revolution is upon us as Asience introduces an innovative haircare concept - brand-new power Beauty Serum! Crystalising the goodness of six natural ingredients into a single Serum, Asience has brought about a new haircare generation, helping ladies regain the timeless beauty of youthful-looking hair. 
A total reformulation, the Beauty Serum contains the concentrated infusion of Argan Oil, Camelia Oil, Pomegranate extracts and Rose,White Pearl and Lemongrass essences. It is designed to penetrate into your hair shaft, repairing from within, giving your hair the three key signs of youthful vitality - softness, shine and smoothness.

The improved Asience haircare range is available in two variants – Inner Rich and Nature Smooth. 

Nature Smooth – For oily scalp and tangled ends 
The Asience Nature Smooth range resolves your hair issues of having an oily scalp and yet dry and tangled hair ends. The rich formula cleanses and repairs from deep within, hydrating your hair for a light and smooth finish. 
Taking good care of my hair has always been a priority cause I often uses the hairdryer and dye my hair which can be really damaging. 

I've received Asience Nature Smooth range and I kind of like it! 
Due to the active ingredients that consist of flowers, the shampoo and conditioner smells exceptionally nice. And the scent lingers for a long time.



Proud to say that my hair is pretty healthy, no frizz, non-tangled, the only flaw is that the roots of my hair tend to get oily at the end of the day. This results in superrrr flat and floppy hair which is gross.
After using Asience Nature Smooth shampoo and conditioner for a week. I'm pretty impressed with the results. The products helped to balanced the oiliness of my roots. My hair doesn't look as flat anymore and it doesn't feel as oily as before. It's more airy and bouncy! Which I'm really really love! Who doesn't love volumised hair. And the ends? Even more moisturised and smooth!

End of the day selfie #nofilter
Look how healthy my hair is!

If you've dry hair, use the Inner Rich range!

Inner Rich – For dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair 
Dryness is often found to be one of the main causes of frizzy hair. Combat those frizzy hair troubles with the Asience Inner Rich shampoo, conditioner and treatment care range that gives you all - day moisture that your hair needs. 
Get your FREE Asience Inner Rich Shampoo and Conditioner sample here:

Feel the difference after each wash, with each hair strand deeply nourished and moisturised, giving you luxurious, beautiful looking hair effortlessly. Your hair will remain soft and manageable even next morning, gearing you up for a stunning and confident start to the day.

The new and improved Asience haircare range is available at leading supermarkets, western pharmacies and personal care stores. Prices begin from S$7.95.



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