Fat Cat

One of the cafe in Singapore that only offers (unique) desserts in fine-dining style.

Avoid coming late if you want to try their gourmet desserts. 
If you're late probably you will be left with waffles and gelato.

Spent a whopping $30++ or $40++ for these.
Quite pricey I would say. The first time I've spent so much on desserts.

We ordered Charcoal Waffle with 3 scoops of gelato.
As usual, we were being greedy and since we can have unlimited scoops of gelato, that explained the 3 huge balls. We had pistachio (my favorite of all, it was super fragrant), earl grey lavender and peach flavored gelato. The charcoal waffle was meh. I had high expectation of it cause its not like you can get black waffle everywhere! But it was just a piece of ordinary tasting waffle.
The waffle comes along with salted egg sauce that you're suppose to drizzle over it. But I'm not a fan of salted egg. So that's a big no no. But the girls love it. 

Mojito cocktail sphere. 
So apparently it's just mojito in a thin layer of jelly.
If you're willing to spend $4.50 for 1 sphere of 'lime juice' then go ahead.

Banana Nutella. 
Pretty good but not till the extent of fantastic. 
We spent the whole time figuring out where's the nutella.
Is it the cocoa looking powder? Or the gelato?
Till we polished the entire plate we still couldn't figure out. 

Since it's located conveniently at a neighborhood area near me, I wouldn't mind coming back for other gourmet desserts. Afterall, it's not like you'll get such desserts everywhere. 



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