Zee to the Ooh to the Oohhhh

Fulfilled the best friend's birthday wish by having a mini excursion visiting the zoo last Saturday. 
Can't remember when was my last time going to the zoo, probably during my primary school days?
Glad that I had this opportunity to visit such places again, not many people would be willing to go such places but it was much better than always going to shopping malls or catching a movie.
Was all hyped up on my way for breakfast and realised that the careless me forgot to bring along my wallet and I was worried that I dropped it while making my way out. So after breakfast I went home to check on it and phew thank god.

So the best friend said that it was our first time (doubt so) having breakfast together. Favorite traditional breakfast.

 Weekend x Tourist Attraction = Crowd

Risked my life to capture some photos of this animal that is dangling on a random tree in the middle of the pathway.


 Yeah sandy pigs sleeping.

We were lucky to be able to catch the white tigers cause on other days it will be the normal orange tigers.

Sleeping beauty. 

Not-very-magnificent hippopotamus.


Blue neck turkey?

 Scary clans of baboons. They were really aggressive.

 Poor dumbo who got separated with the other elephants.

 Sleeeeeeepy orang utan.

My favorite bear. It was so huge that I am really awed by it.

 The frail looking king of jungle who walked with a limp.


 Super duper cute squirrel nibbling.

 Pretty pony.

Quite disappointed to see these African Penguins. I love penguins but I thought I will be able to see those that are smooth looking.

I've got more photos and videos in my camera but I am not gna edit and post all photos.

Dinner time! Totally famished after skipping lunch.



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