In Conclusion

Finally done with the last paper for the degree, and here we are at Keisuke Ramen to celebrate the end of our university life.

This has got to be one of the best ramen I've ever tasted yesterday. The soup was so flavorful.

And they provided free flow of hard boil eggs and marinated bean sprouts.

And went to the cheapest ice-cream parlor, totally in love with the salted caramel cheesecake.
My love for salted caramel.

And I had 'Lok Lok Steamboat' with my family during the weekend.
Virgin experience, I think this is quite popular in Malaysia but I've never come across this in Singapore. Having everything skewed on the skewer and just dip it into the soup, we ordered herbal soup and satay sauce. One whole pot of satay sauce, never love it till that day.
Love family days like this with so much laughter and nonsense.



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