No, I'm not neglecting this space just that I've been a little busy recently.
Had been doing my assignments for the past weeks and working for the previous 2 days.
No I'm not done with my assignments, only one out of four down.
Another one is half done while the other two are untouched.
So yeah, life is just revolving around assignments, boring me.
I'm having rashes all over my body now except for my face, neck, fingers and toes.
First time ever in my life that I broke out in rashes 2 or 3 days back. According to the doctor, I'm allergy to a particular drug that I was taking for about a week but I've taken the same drug before 5 years back, so I don't know what caused the complications. Not gna post a photo of it cause it looked
really scary. It seemed like I've contacted some diseases.

Rashes, please go away ................. 



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