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Finally I'm done with my second assignment.
Slogged my guts out yesterday in the morning to this morning. 
Non-stop editing on the report to meet the word count.

One of the most unique flavor I've ever came across.
It was so good that dad stole a packet from me without informing.

Coconut juice x Jack fruit.
Dad's creation, don't know where he got this inspiration from.

It's gna be mid-autumn festival in 4 days time!
I'm really not a fan of mooncakes especially those that's super sweet and those with egg yolks (like eww, how can people love salted egg yolks). However every year, my family will receive boxes and boxes of mooncakes that I'm forced to eat.
But this year, I've something new, MBS salted caramel snowskin mooncakes and I love it!
Friends of mine would know how much I love salted caramel. And Starbucks' Salted Caramel Frappe has made a comeback!

 Ice-cream mooncakes will be an exception. My yearly mid-autumn festival indulgence.

Sent Jiahou off to Brunei the other night.

Abalone porridge.

How can someone not love salmon and sushi.

That's all for now! Got to tie up some loose ends for the report.



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