The Devilish Angels

After the getaway, I took up a job from and worked at the airport again and it was the best job ever.
Such a cool setting isn't it.

Getting paid to play with kids, how envious can my friends get but they wouldn't know how much we'd been through for this 3 months.
On the surface, we were having so much fun with the kids. But behind the happy faces, we had received so much complaints from the management and unreasonable parents. After all, it was a good experience handling kids and making so many new friends.
Met a handful of cute little kids, Brayden (3rd pic: the adorable boy who kept going jie jie jie jie jie jieeeee~) and Audrey left the deepest impression in my heart. And there was a little girl who randomly came up to me and said "jie jie I like you, can I hug you?" I melted.
Totally don't mind working for 10 hours daily, missed playing with kids and waking up early and dragging my feet to the airport..



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