Guide to Dongdaemun

This is a pretty short guide for Dongdaemun. 

One word to describe my night at Dongdaemun - Disappointing
I've heard so much raves about how awesome shopping is at Dongdaemun because most of the malls there are wholesales whereby store owners actually get their stocks from there but honestly, it sucks.
The clothes there aren't exactly cheap, the designs aren't up to date and the quality of the clothes ain't good.
I visited like 5 malls around the vicinity and I went back empty handed.
Also, the malls may look pretty and classy on the exterior, however it look like Bugis Street inside.
Messy and disorganised. The stocks are everywhere. 

If you would like to go there just for the experience, do visit there at 10PM or 11PM.
This is the time where the shops and street stalls start to operate. 

A place that is definitely worth visiting at Dongdaemun will be the Grilled Fish Restaurant at Jeonju Sikdang in Dongdaemun Market. 

Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Dongdaemun Station, Line 4, Exit 9, walk straight from the exit. 
Walk past Dongdaemun Shopping Town on the left and walk towards Woori Bank and IBK Bank 
Kepe walking straight until you find a market and turn left
Walk straight along the market, keep a lookout on your right for a small alley that sells grill fish 
(you can actually locate the place by detecting the fishy smell) 
Spot a white signage that states 전주식당 and you're there! 

The restaurant owners grilled the fishes outside the restaurant so it's pretty easy to spot! 
There are a few restaurants that sells the same thing but do visit 전주식당 cause it's the famous outlet there. 

We ordered a Mackerel set that comes with all the side dishes, rice and soup. 
Take note, it's only half of the fish instead of the whole thing. 
The fish was grilled to perfection.
The meat was so fresh, tender, sweet and it's not fishy at all!
And additional brownie point to chef because he/she removed all the bones.

How to know if a fish a fresh - if it's not grilled with other condiments except for a bit of salt.
And you don't need any sauces to go along.

There are other kind of fishes available but we only recognise Mackerel, hence the decision.

Do request for the english menu when you're there! 

Ordered a Tofu Jjigae (Tofu Stew) to go along.

We spent less than ₩20,000 ($24) for this meal.

* Do remember to bring your perfume if you visit this place because you may end up smelling like a walking BBQ fish. 

Basically this is what I would like to share about Dongdaemun.
If you expect to find blogshop kind of clothes there, don't bother going because you won't be able to find any. I would rather spend more time at Ewha because the clothes there are nicer and cheaper. 
I do see some stuffs that are available at both Dongdaemun and Ewha but the retail price is higher at the malls in Dongdaemun. 

Dongdaemun is pretty much commercialised and overrated.



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