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My new weekly routine - Facial Treatment at Skin Shape Club.

Beautiful, healthy looking skin radiates health and well-being, youth and vitality. However, there are days when you're just tired out, your skin looks like crap and your beauty products won't cut it anymore! 

All you need is a little help to bring your inner beauty out - a full-on facial treatment which is Skin Shaper Plus Program.

Whether it's wrinkles, acne or pigmentation, Skin Shaper Plus Program delivers with noticeable results, comfortable treatments and unmatched safety.
Combining light and heat energy, Skin Shaper Plus Program is great for sensitive and Asian skin delivers consumers with younger, healthier looking skin. This facial program is designed by medical and dermal experts from overseas and locals using trademark registered LHE technology (Light & Heat Energy) for skin rejuvenation, collagen renewal and acne clearance. With 3-in-1 skincare treatment, you can walk-in walk-out the Skin Shape Club looking better and confident! 

For my first treatment, I was served by Audrey, a really nice and sweet therapist that makes me feel comfortable throughout the process. 

The treatment started off at this comfy room.
Wardrobe to keep your belongings.

And you're required to change.

Into bedroom slippers as well.

To kick start the treatment, Audrey helped to cleanse and exfoliate my face thoroughly to remove any impurities and dead skin cells for better penetration of the light heat energy.

Here's how the treatment works:

Skin Rejuvenation and Collagen Remodelling with LHE

Acne Clearance with LHE

The LHE applicator is then placed onto my skin where pulses of light will be administered. I felt warm sensation as the gentle pulses of light and heat energy penetrate deep into skin.  It may get a little uncomfortable around the eye area as our eyes are more sensitive to light. And since the skin is thinner around that area, the heat is much more intense. According to Audrey, some of her customers will get a shock and jumped up from the bed. But I don't have such issue! Audrey never fail to let me know before every pulse around that area to keep me mentally prepared and ensuring I'm alright after every pulse.

The LHE treatment took around 5 to 10 minutes. Thereafter my skin is ready to absorb skincare serum selected for my skin's needs, followed by a mask.

Audrey then end the treatment by applying toner, moisturiser and sunscreen! 

Here's my before (top) & after (bottom) photo after the first treatment.
I had my first treatment after my Korea trip. Due to the drastic climate change, my skin had a breakout which results in acne scars.

I've visited Skin Shape Club thrice, and my skin's condition indeed got better. 
Without any foundation.

Before I missed this out, the most awesome feature of this Skin Shape Club other than the top notch customer service and effective treatment is the Club Lounge. 

I've been to several beauty services outlet and this is my first time coming across one that has a lounge which allows you to chill and rest after treatment. On top of that, they serve healthy yet yummy snacks after every treatment.

Pumpkin porridge

Egg mayo

Potato salad - my fav, prepared by Audrey.

Full length mirror which you can tidy up

In our increasingly time-starved lives, when it comes to facial treatment, we tend to go for treatments that is convenient, less time consuming, effective with lasting benefits. Skin Shaper Plus Program is a non-invasive and non-abrasive treatment which only require 30 minutes of my time for a beauty fix. If I'm around town area, I can conveniently pop by during lunch time and get back to work instantly. The gentle treatment doesn't have any side-effects and the entire process is a comfortable one. Not forgetting to mention the meticulous consultants make you feel like home and the Club Lounge gives a nice touch to the entire facial treatment. If you've 30 minutes to spare, why not try Skin Shaper Plus Program! Bid farewell to wrinkles, blemishes, pigmentation & dark eye circles.

More detailed information about the treatment

How is LHE different from other similar light based therapy such as IPL and Laser?
IPL has been around since the mid-90's. LHE debut in the late 90's/early 2000's and is the next generation of light based therapy. LHE is able to use a lower energy fluency because it utilised 2 energies (heat and light) in one instance. Laser operates from 50 to 200 j/cm2. IPL typically operates from 30 to 50 j/cm2. Your skin gets burnt at 30 j/cm2. This is why when you go for IPL, cooling gel is applied on your skin. LHE operates from 4 to 25 j/cm2. LHE gives you result in a safe way. The LHE can be performed once every 3-7 days and it is suitable for eye area and back treatment.

Who is suitable for this treatment?
Skin Shaper Facial is a gentle yet result-oriented treatment that incorporate FDA-approved LHE technology into its treatment procedure. It is suitable for most skin types and skin tone. Those with very dark skin will have to be consulted before proceeding with treatment so that we can adjust the treatment procedures and settings accorindg to your skin conditions/tone for safe and best results.

How many sessions are required to see the optimal results?
The consultant recommended 6 to 12 sessions at weekly interval to reach the optimal results and switch to monthly treatment as maintenance.

Any side-effects or complications?
The possibility of complications is minimal. Slight redness may be observed immediately after treatment due to the dermal layer being warm up but this only lasts or a few hours. Suitable for lunch time procedure. You can continue with your daily routine immediately after treatment.

What treatment results can be expected?
Instant brightening and tightening may be observed after first treatment. This may last for a week or two. Optimal results such as lighter pigmentation, less acne, fewer lines can be seen after 6 to 12 sessions with results lasting 6 to 9 months or more. Maintenance treatments are highly recommended for results to last.

Any post-treatment care?
We recommend you to avoid direct sun exposure and oily/alcool based products for 48hours after treatment. Remember always to apply moisturiser and sunblock regularly. Check out our series of skin essence where it can boost your daily skincare regime.

What is the price?
Skin Shaper Facial is priced at $120 for 30mins. New customer can enjoy 4 sessions at trial price of $96 ($24/session). Should you have an hour to spare, upgrade to Skin Shaper Plus Facial where you receive exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and serum-infused facial massage to boost skincare penetration and treatment results. Skin Shaper Plus Facial is priced at $160 for 60mins. New customer can enjoy 4 sessions at trial price of $128 ($32/session).
Skin Shape Club - Skin Shaper Program (1 month program consist of 4 weekly sessions)



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