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“Gosh, your face is so small and sharp!” This may sound like a weird remark, but to me, it's a compliment! When you've smaller face, you appear to be younger and look better in photos.
But unfortunately, I'm not blessed with small face. My face resembles a fishball, round and fat especially the jawline area. I WANT A V-FACE!

And when ClearSK® invited me to try out their signature V-face Shaper, I'm really stoked.

ClearSK® signature V-Face Shaper is the first of its kind to be introduced in Singapore – it is safe, quick, pain-free, and needleless! Achieving the desired celebrity’s V look without undergoing plastic surgery is now possible. This treatment is only targeted on areas like sagging cheeks, double chin/jaws, crowfeet near the eyes.   No Surgery, No Needle, No Downtime, sounds awesome isn't it!

I had my treatment at Novena outlet.
  Unlike most beauty parlors that have a dim, 'romantic' interior, the interior of ClearSK® is bright, clean and sleek, looking really professional.
The array of products and services they have.

I was greeted by Cheryl, medi-aesthetics expert upon arriving. First of all, like any other facial services, I'm required to fill up a questionnaire and Cheryl was really sweet and thoughtful, she got me some ginger tea and a warm towel.

Snacks available for those who are hungry while waiting. Then Cheryl began to explain to me how does the treatment works and what will be done on me.

First, Cheryl cleanse my face thoroughly to prep my face and being thoughtful for avoiding my eye makeup and covering them with cotton pads. Then she applied some oil on my face before using the machine on my face. The way this treatment works is that they combines Ultrasound waves and unipolar RF to break down cells and get rid the fatty waste from the body. During the treatment, Accent Ultramode and ultrasound waves are used as to shed off the fat layers and break up the fat cells with no damage in the tissue types. This is a needle-free alternative to botox face slimming where there is no adverse event but only maximum efficacy.
  This is the machine used. Cheryl actually used the wand to go over my jawline for 15 minutes? It was like a huge metal ball bearing that rolls around your jawline. My face felt slightly warm as there was heat emitted from the machine and there is this weird 'sound' that Cheryl has warned me beforehand but it wasn't uncomfortable at all.

Cheryl did the right side of my face first then she compared it with the left side of my face. The result wasn't that drastic but the treatment definitely lifts my cheeks. Good bye to saggy cheeks (my bad for not taking any pic). After the contouring, Cheryl applied a sheet mask which had a cooling effect on the skin. And then moisturiser and sunblock to end off this treatment.
The comfy little area that I can fall asleep any moment.
Feeling really good after the treatment. The service provided by was really professional. Upon every step taken, Cheryl will let me know on what's going on and what she will be doing. The entire treatment took around 30 minutes. Once done, I was free to resume my daily activities without any discomfort experienced.

Here's the result after my first treatment!

I don't see any drastic difference. After second treatment.
I think my jawline is more V now? After the first treatment, I experience a little breakout on my jawline, really tiny acne started to surface. For the second session, it wasn't that pleasant. Upon arriving, I had to wait for about 15 minutes? Another medi-aesthetics expert attended to me, she wasn't as thoughtful and gentle as Cheryl. My jawline actually hurts when she was contouring my face with the machine. And she didn't let me know what she's doing etc. But she gave me some tips on how to clear the acne on my forehead and explaining to me why I experienced a breakout. Reason being, when the oil that was applied on my face penetrated into my skin when the machine was used, therefore, it may be too heavy for my skin. But she assured me that this is common. I'm left with 2 more treatments and I really hope to see more drastic difference after the remaining sessions. Need to nurse my breakout first!

ClearSK® is a one-stop provider of expert-guided medi-aesthetics solutions for the face and body, using medical technologies designed and tested by medi-aesthetics experts. ClearSK® has a wide selection of medi-skincare and medi-slimming treatments that are personalised and prescribed by aesthetics experts to custom-fit the unique make-up of the individual's skin and body.
Conveniently located in 12 outlets island-wide (Novena Medical Center, Velocity, Orchard, Toa Payoh, Tampines, Jurong East and other upcoming 6 outlets), ClearSK ® offers every client a holistic non-invasive treatment program at reasonable prices, combining high-tech facials and medi-slimming treatments based on innovations in cosmetic lasers, focused energy, and medical grade skincare ingredients. Let the team of lady medi-aesthetics experts help you achieve your aspirations in skin and body wellness. Contact them at 6100 6868 or visit their website if you would like to learn more!

I think they are running a promotion currently. So call to check now!



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