Itacho Part I

Finally got to try the sushi from Itacho.
Previous visits was having their dons instead and everyone was saying it's a MUST to try their sushi.

We couldn't believe our eyes and mouth that the grilled fish roe sushi are only 60 cents. 
The moment we put this in our mouth we were like 'this is definitely not worth 60 cents'.
The salmon is really fresh and the grilled fish roe totally brought this sushi to a whole new level.
I thought I was in heaven, serious, no joke.

Salmon with lobster salad roll.
This was so-so. Not really worth the try.

Tuna, salmon and scallop sashimi. 
So good and fresh! The scallops were really sweet. The taste of sea.

Black pepper and butter calms.
The calms were sweet and juicy and the sauce is really unique.

Squid x fish roe

Chawamushi. When you're spoilt for choice, order all! 
Totally made the right decision to order all three flavours cause it was really good.

Look at the huge fish roes. Generous portion.
The feeling when the fish roes popped inside your mouth.

Grilled squid. Grilled to perfection, doesn't have the rubbery texture.

Apart from Koh Grill and Sushi Bar, Itacho has got to be my new favourite sushi joint.

Itacho Part II coming up next!



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