A Gift From Palau Islands


Making it’s way from the deep seas of Palau - HACUDEI White Clay Soap.

Haven't heard of this island, but surely a nice place looking at the picture.

HACUDEI is a natural cosmetics brand which products are made from the miracle of nature. 
HACUDEI Palau White Clay Soap is made from undersea yoghurt. The white clay soap is made rom the white clay which has piled up under the sea of the Milky Way (mysterious milky white coloured bay) of Palau.

This is a natural cosmetic soap with artificial colour free and fragrance-free which contains these natural ingredients:

The first thing that I saw upon opening the box which we will find out later what it is used for.

If you have beauty products that comes in a jar, you should always use a spatula instead of your finger to keep the remaining content in the jar clean.

The cream has a pretty thick consistency.
The cream feels dry and rough when I tried to spread it on my hand. It felt like clay.

So here's how we should use the contents that were provided. 

Scooping a small amount.

Putting it in the net provided.

Add some water.

Scrubbing the net and foam bubbles started to foam up.

Look at the amount of foam bubble that were produced with just a little bit of facial soap.

The foam is really dense which I suppose it can cleanse my skin deep into the layers.

Used the foam to cleanse my hands and my hands were really smooth and white after washing!

Being curious, I was wondering if it is possible to create the foam bubbles without the help of the net. 

And yes, it works as well! However, the foam bubbles are not as dense and the the amount of foam bubbles formed are significantly lesser.

Tried the product on my face and my face felt squeaky clean, smooth and refreshed after cleansing. There isn’t any tight or dry feeling after the cleanse and no breakout experienced. The facial soap is suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin!

If you’re worried about process of harvesting this goodness, fret not! HACUDEI took careful measures to process the White Clay Soap, here's the process:

Catch a short clip to understand better how this product is processed: http://bit.ly/1ejFhfd.

HACUDEI White Clay Soap is available at Watsons, ALT and Mount Alvernia Pharmacy, retailing at $29.90.



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